‘The Invisible Prison’ Project

2012 September

During September and October 2012, ACMe presented the multidisciplinary project of memory ‘The Invisible Prison’ in the district of Les Corts, with the support of the Spanish Ministry of the Presidency and Barcelona City Hall.

A series of activities were organised in several parts of the district, such as the seat of the council and Les Corts and Can Deu civic centres, around three main events: a season of documentary films, a series of debates lasting 3 days, and an artistic installation.

Barcelona’s local TV station, BTV, and Red Ciudadana de Les Corts (‘Les Corts Citizens Network’) covered these events.

The debate "Herències (de la presó)" (‘Legacies (of the prison)’), featured Carolina Astudillo, author of the short film De monstruos y faldas (‘Of Monsters and skirts’),;Jordi Guixé, from ACMe; Candela Figueras and Elisabet Cros, authors of the documentary Executada; and Llibertat Canela, daughter of the anarchist inmate Francisca Conejero.


This series of events were introduced by historian Isabel Segura, and, at the end of the her lecture, the piece of theatre Silenci 39.1, by the company Microtroupe, was performed.

The lecturers on Day 2 were historians Pilar Molina Javierre, autor of the doctoral thesis La Presó de Dones de Barcelona. Les Corts (1939-1959) and Conxita Parcerisas Estruch, from Associació Memòria i Història de Manresa; and writer Rosa Sala Rose, author of La penúltima fronteraFugitivos del nazismo en España (2011).

On Day 3  the lecturers were: historian Ricard Vinyes Ribas (Universitat de Barcelona); Llum Ventura Gil, former councillor at Ciutat Vella District; Adela Angelet Gomà, in representation of Associació de Veïns i Veïnes de Les Corts (Les Corts Local Residents Association); and Núria Ricart Ulldemolins, professor at the  Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona and Public Art and Urban Design researcher.


From 6 to 29 October the installation "La Presó Invisible" (‘The Invisible Prison’) was in display at Can Deu Civic Centre, in Les Corts district. Created by Pável Durán and Fernando Hernández, it was made up of various elements: from old photographs by geologist and local resident Marià Faura, or those from Les Corts District Archive; to pictures from family collections that belonged to old prisoners. Screenings of clips from various documentaries were part of it too.

Llibertat Canela and Flora Duran, daughters of Les Corts’ inmates Francisca Conejero and Serafina Martí respectively, were present at the opening event.