De-Vandalisation and further tributes

2016 May


On the night of June 10, 2016, the five totems installed in 2014 were vandalised. Whole sections of the vinyls were burned with attempts at ripping them up. The attack was denounced by both the district of Les Corts and Platform Les Corts Women’s Prison Future Monument.  

A collective action to clean the site was carried out, conceived as yet another initiative within the participatory process. In a short time the vinyls had been refitted. 


The action resulted in a short documentary film: Des-vandal, un procés per un monument, by Noelia Paz, released in October 2016, which provides a summary of the participatory process up to that point.  

Members of the Plataform and actors such as Maica Barroso, Ana Turpin and Luisa Gavasa, as well as writer Silvia Romero took part in the film. 



On March 8th 2017 a tribute was paid to Tomasa Cuevas Gutiérrez, an inmate at Les Corts in 1945 and a remarkable contributor towards the recovery of historical memory. The route  «Les Corts Feminist» was organised for the occasion, highlighting the contribution of women who had given their names to streets or been significant in the development of some of the neighbourhoods. 

Via the implementation of these routes, the prison’s perimeter, understood as a territorial boundary, but also as a symbolic, singled out place of repression, was gradually acquiring a much greater significance. 



On account of this, the Plataform organised a collaborative (so called artivist, a portmanteau of the words art and activism) activitiy, which consisted in marking out with paint, accross both the sidewalk and the road, the exact boundaries of the site. 



On April 14th 2018 a tribute was paid to Isabel Vicente, a communist militant, imprisoned at Les Corts in 1941. 

The Platform took part in the events organised by the European Observatory of Memories and Barcelona Town Hall, which included the opening of the Pasaje Isabel Vicente, in the neighbourhood of Gracia