Tria de la pedra de Montjuïch, 2019

Women executed

Twelve women from Les Corts prison were executed by fire squad at the Campo de la Bota in 1939 and 1940





Their bodies were buried in the Fossar de la Pedrera, a mass grave in the Southwest Cemetery (also known as Montjuïc Cemetery). We provide below a list with their names, places of origin, ages, and date of the execution:

Carme Claramunt Barot (Roda de Berà, Tarragona). Aged 28. 18/04/1939 
Encarnació Llorenç Pérez (Barcelona). Aged 45. 26/04/1939
Cristina Fernández Pereda (o Pereira) (Villasinde, León). Aged 39. 13/05/1939
Ramona Peralba Sala (Gironella, Barcelona). Aged 35. 16/05/1939
Neus Bouza Gil (Barcelona). Aged 22. 26/05/1939
Eugenia González Ramos (Hortaleza, Madrid). Aged 20.11/06/1939
Dolors Giorla Laribal (Barcelona). Aged 27. 20/06/1939
Magdalena Nolla Montseny (Alforja, Tarragona). Aged 34. 21/06/1939
Virgínia Amposta Amposta (El Pinell de Brai, Tarragona). Aged 36. 08/08/1939
Elionor Malich Salvador (El Molar, Tarragona). Aged 60. 08/08/1939
Assumpció Puigdellosas Vila (Vich, Barcelona). Aged 43. 27/04/1940
Inés Giménez Lumbreras (Madrid). Aged 25. 13/11/1940


On 20 November 2013, an initial nucleus formed by residents of the area, relatives of former inmates, activists, and professionals from different fields, encouraged a shared community initiative in Barcelona with the purpose of erecting a memorial to pay tribute to the women who had lived within the walls of the old prison.

This inititative marks the origin of the Plataforma Futuro Monumento Cárcel de Mujeres de Les Corts (Platform Future Monument – Les Corts Women’s Prison), whose members received the Medal of Honour awarded by the City Hall of Barcelona.

The monument was eventually inaugurated in November of 2019.


Acte de inauguració de monument, 2019. Foto Plataforma Futur Monument Presó de les CortsFernando Hernández Holgado
Portada del sumaríssim d'urgència 4.155 de Barcelona contra Virgínia Amposta Amposta y Adolfo Case Pitarque. Archivo Tribunal Militar Territorial Tercero (ATMT III)
Acte de inauguració de monument, 2019. Foto Fernando Hernández Holgado
Certificat de defunció de Carmen Clamamunt incorporat al sumaríssim d'urgència 2.863 de Badalona. Archivo Tribunal Militar Territorial Tercero (ATMT3)